Chipped tooth: what to do?

03 Apr 2015

Chipped or broken teeth are a common occurrence not only in children but in adults as well. Even though teeth are considered to be the strongest part of the whole human body, with age these tend to gradually loose strength in consequence of infections, dental disease, demineralization or improper dental care. Even if your teeth are still healthy and strong you may suffer a violent trauma that leads to a broken tooth or teeth in consequence of directly hitting your face. So the main question is what to do when it comes down to a damaged tooth? First of all, not doing anything is the worse way to handle a tooth trauma. What you should do is contact your dentist straight away to get an appointment as soon as possible. If your tooth is knocked out, take it with you to your appointment. In some cases the dentist will be able to reimplant your tooth back into position but you need to react immediately; otherwise, the vital parts of your tooth will be dying as time passes away.

Once you get to the dentist, he will examine the affected area and take x-rays to take a closer look to the extent of the damage caused by the trauma you suffered. Depending on the type of injury you went through, the dentist will decide the right course of treatment for your specific case.

Chipped tooth: if your tooth is only chipped and you don't experience any pain, it's up to you to decide the extent of dental treatment. For example, you may only decide to smooth the surface where the tooth has been chipped. Otherwise, you may want to apply a veneer, a dental crown or a filling to hide the chipped part. In case you chipped an artificial tooth, you will be advised to replace it with a new one.

Broken tooth: in case your tooth is literally broken in two parts, you should seek treatment immediately to prevent extensive damage to the tooth. If the injury has affected a vast part of the tooth, you may be subjected to a root canal treatment. In extreme cases you may have to undergo a tooth extraction. If the tooth is cracked rather than broken, you will probably need a dental crown to keep the tooth from breaking completely.

Knocked out tooth: the only way to save your knocked out tooth is by having it reimplanted is to get immediately a dentist appointment and take your tooth with you. What you need to do is wash your tooth with water and put it back into your dental socket while hurrying to your dentist's studio. If you get to your dentist 30 to 120 minutes after your tooth fell out there is a good chance you will be able to save it.

If you suffer permanent loss of teeth, remember that these need to be replaced eventually. Missing teeth that are not replaced will lead to difficult chewing, speech problems or your other teeth to shift to a different position. There are plenty of options to replace your missing teeth and get you back a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.