Wisdom teeth extraction: should you have them removed?

25 Apr 2014

Wisdom teeth or third molars appear later on in life, between the age 18 to the age 25 even if there are numerous exceptions to this rule. In most cases an adult has 4 wisdom teeth but some adults present a few more or a few less. Many patients suffer from impacted or coming in sideways wisdom teeth which leads to the necessity to have them extracted. However, there is a popular opinion that if you feel no pain when wisdom teeth come out there is no need to intervene in any way. According to the American Journal of Public Health, around 5 million people undergo wisdom teeth extraction each year and there is a good reason for it. Whether you feel discomfort or you don’t feel any pain at all, there is a high chance a wisdom tooth will lead to certain dental complication later on in life.

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons tell us that a wisdom tooth is impacted (there is no enough space for the wisdom tooth to grow) in 9 out of 10 adults. This complication can lead to severe oral pain, damages to other teeth, the occurrence of infection and periodontitis. In case of infections caused by impacted molars, these lead to toothache, bleeding gums, halitosis and headaches.

In view of the above-mentioned possible dental issues, we strongly encourage you to have your wisdom teeth checked as early as possible. Even if these haven’t come out yet, the dentist will still be able to assess the situation and the possibility of extracting them in time. Prevention is key to protect your dental health over the years and by thinking ahead, you will make a huge difference in keeping your teeth healthy and undamaged.

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