This is why porcelain veneers rock!

24 Jul 2014

Do you think you have a perfect smile? Well if you think you do and you indeed have one, you’re a lucky one. Most people have slight to severe tooth irregularities and even if their denture is perfect, with time and as the years go by, teeth stains appear and teeth enamel erodes away. There are many ways to make your smile whiter by undergoing professional teeth bleaching or by applying a home made teeth whitening kit. However, often the results last for a few months and you have to redo the procedure all over again.

Whether your teeth aren’t exactly straight or your smile is stained, one of the best long lasting solutions are dental veneers. Dental veneers have been popularised in recent years for the high quality materials used (porcelain), the natural appearance given to teeth to which these are applied and the long lasting results up to 10 years.

Dental veneers are recommended in the following cases:
  • if your teeth are stained and discoloured or you want a brighter smile
  • in case of a chipped or broken tooth
  • to change the shape of irregular teeth or teeth you simply don’t like
  • to protect teeth from possible damages in consequence of external factors (for example to avoid a devitalised tooth to break)

The best part about dental veneers is that the procedure to apply a dental veneer to a tooth takes one or two dental visits. During the first visit the dentist will make an impression of your tooth; this model is sent out to a dental lab, which will constructs your veneer. Once the veneer or veneers are finished, you will be heading back to your dentist’s studio and he will attach the veneer to your tooth. As simple as that.

Porcelain veneers can be quite costly but if you take into consideration their resistance to damages and the high quality cosmetic result, the price is justified. Furthermore, if you add up how much you spent or are spending for teeth whitening procedures you might discover that you’ve been paying more for these than you would for veneers.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about dental veneers, the price or about the procedure, you can contact our team of experts from the dental studio Dental Olujic and they will be more than happy to answer all your questions asap!