Taking good care of your oral health saves you money and prevents more serious illnesses

18 Apr 2014

We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth day by day. Whether it was your dentist or your parents speaking, especially when you were a child, they kept repeating to wash your teeth thoroughly, haven’t day? Well there is much more to it than having white teeth. According to a recent study which examined 350.000 patients with gum disease, the bacteria in your mouth can cause or accelerate the progress of more serious illnesses threatening your life. The study pointed out that once the gum disease was treated in patients, illnesses such as diabetes 2, heart problems, strokes and complications during pregnancy were reduced. More specifically, the costs to treat these illnesses were reduced respectively by 40.2%, 10.7%, 40.9% and 73.7%. Now if you’re surprised with these kind of results, we as professionals in the dental field aren’t.

It has been known for a long time that bad oral health can lead to more serious problems concerning your overall health, and if you are already suffering from a chronic or system disease, it may make it even worse. So what is one to to do to prevent further health complications and deterioration?

First of all, if you do suffer from a dental illness you need to get treatment and you need to do it fast. Waiting and ignoring the problem will not solve anything; it will just make your case worse. As soon as you feel any pain concerning your teeth, or gum irritation or you notice any kind of change in colour or consistency when it comes to your mouth tissues, contact your dentist for a check up. Also remember that many dental infections do not present any symtoms in the first stages of development so regular check ups are a must. We advise you to have your teeth checked at least twice a year.

If you suffer from a chronic disease or illness in general, you should always let your dentist know about your health history so he or she may pay special attention to symptoms that indicate a connection between your oral health and overall health. Having a beautiful smile is not only about having white teeth but first and foremost, making sure your teeth and gums are infection free.

If you have specific questions in regard to your dental health, contact our dental studio and the team will answer you right away. We are here to make sure you keep your smile healthy at all times!