Sugar free does not mean healthy for teeth!

05 Mar 2015

We all know that sugar is the main enemy to fight when it comes to teeth health. The less sugar you eat, the less probability you have to get cavities. However, most people can’t avoid sugar at all times and lets be honest, we all deserve some sweetness in our lives, especially when it tomes down to chocolate, don’t we? Now there are two ways to go about this, either try to limit the intake of sugar in any possible way, or wash your teeth right after enjoying a snack rich in sugars. Both ways need to be considered thoroughly.

Many of you might not be aware that even sugar free drinks and low fat food can have a harmful effect for teeth. For example if you’re a big fan of soft drinks, even if you opt for the sugar free ones unfortunately the acid within fizzy drink can still severely damage your teeth enamel, leading to erosion. The same goes for different beverages such as fruit juice. In a recent study published by BMC Public Health, among 600 surveyed kids, 70% of them showed signs of teeth erosion directly linked to the consumption of fruit juice. So what is one to do to prevent such tooth damage?

Obviously you can’t just survive on fruits and vegetables; as heathy as these are, again, some fruits can still accelerate enamel erosion due to the presence of acids. The key is to abide by a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, healthy meat and fish and now and then some sweets. It makes a huge difference between eating a piece of cake once a day and eating 4 pieces a day since the continuous contact of sugars and teeth lead to more bacteria attacks that cause cavities. On a positive note, there is one type of sweet you should be indulging in since it actually protected teeth from infections: dark chocolate! According to researchers dark chocolate is rich in substances that actually neutralise sugars and keep teeth healthy.

At the end of the day, whether we are discussing teeth health or your overall well being, no thing is good in large quantities or not present at all while a bit of this and that every now and then is the healthiest way to maintain a good diet and strong teeth!