Restoring a missing tooth for a perfect smile

10 Jul 2014

If you have one or more missing teeth in consequence of a trauma or a dental illness, the best way to replace it these days is by getting a dental implant. There are other traditional methods to replace a tooth, such as bridges, crowns and dentures. However, these do not grant the same functional and cosmetic quality as a dental implant.

In fact, most professionals will advise any patient to choose a dental implant for best results, avoiding unnecessary repairs and replacements that usually come with bridges and dentures. Dental implants require only a minimally invasive surgery and grant the highest success rate among all dental replacement methods.

Our dental implant specialist underline the following benefits to dental implants:

Dental implants help stimulate bone growth while all other dental replacement systems lead to bone loss.

The procedure, even if it involves a mini invasive surgery, is simple, painless and takes less than an hour. During the procedure a metal screw will be inserted into the jawbone and will serve as attachment for a porcelain crown that replaces the missing tooth.

Even if some patients don’t have enough bone for a dental implant, this can be solved by restoring bone tissue and bone grafting.

Once you have a dental implant it will feel and look just like your natural teeth and in most cases will grant maximum stability for a lifetime. Moreover, implants are unnoticeable which mean your smile will look naturally perfect and you will not feel any discomfort while eating, chewing or talking.

If you have a missing tooth that needs to be replaced, remember that as the time goes by you risk bone loss and other teeth shifting. We advise you to consult your dentist as soon as possible and choose the best tooth or teeth replacement solution that will satisfy all your expectations.

If you would like to consult our dental implants specialists, contact us any time and we will be more than happy to get to you asap!