No more teeth drilling!

29 Jun 2014

Is there anything worst than the sound of a dental drill? Most patients are so fearful of this sound that they simply refuse to visit the dentist and undergo the necessary dental treatments. This kind of behaviour can seriously put at risk your overall dental health as ignoring a dental problem can only lead to further dental complications down the road. Despite that there are numerous ways to avoid feeling any pain or discomfort during a dental procedure, many patients are still too stressed out to get their teeth fixed.

For all of you who think the dentist is your worst enemy, we have great news! When it comes to fillings and treatment of cavities (and most of us suffer from cavities), seems like the drill won’t be necessary inthe  foreseable future. Researchers at King’s College London have been working on a method that stimulates teeth to literally self heal. The technology used is called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation. When a cavity appears that means that the tooth has lost minerals. Usually these minerals are contained in saliva and fluoride (which  is contained in toothpastes), but the natural remineralisation process is too slow and the cavity progresses before the tooth manages to repair itself. Accelerating the process of remineralisation, this would avoid the necessity for dental intervention as the tooth would manage to restore the health of damaged tissues.

This process which requires the emission of electric current would be completely painless and would cost just as much as a filling costs. According to the researchers, the treatment could be available within the next 3 years.

Until this new technique is developed further, we still remind you that if you notice a cavity, you must seek for dental treatment. when cavities are left untreated, the infection reaches the inner part of the tooth and causes irreversible damage. at this point you will need more extensive treatments to save the tooth and avoid extraction.