How to treat bad breath

23 Sep 2013

Bad breath or halitosis is a common problem among all of us. We have all suffered from an unpleasant mouth odor at times. When this happens and if it persists in time, the first thing to do is take an appointment with your dentist to identify the factors that cause bad breath in the first place. Among the possible causes we include specific aliments, the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, throat or sinus infections. bad hygiene, dental abscesses, gum disease, extreme dieting or chronic diseases such as diabetes. Depending on what causes your bad breath, there are several ways of treating it to help you get rid of it in the shortest time possible. Remember that sometimes you will have to rely on your dentist and his professional recommendations in order to cure the infection behind halitosis rather than just treat the symptoms.

Lets look at some common ways of treating bad breath in the short term:

1. Bad breath caused by food debris can be successfully prevented with a thorough oral hygiene; this includes using a toothbrush and toothpaste at least twice a  day, regularly flossing, rely on mouthwashes to wash out the food removed by dental floss and remembering that oral hygiene is a must even when you have implants or bridges.

2. One thing that often gets ignored by many individuals is the importance of tongue cleaning. In fact, most of bacteria that reside on your tongue cause that unpleasant odor that leads to feeling embarrassed when in company of others. To prevent this from happening, get yourself a toothbrush specifically designed to clean not only your teeth but your tongue as well. These toothbrushes usually have a special tongue cleaner on the back of the toothbrushes head.

When bad breath is in fact caused by a poor dental hygiene, as soon as you start caring about your teeth, you should notice a fresher breath right away. The same thing applies to those suffering from periodontitis or abscesses. In case of a chronic disease, there are several ways to treat the symptoms in the long run. However, only by following your dentist's plan you will be able to successfully maintain a fresher breath all throughout the day.

Note please that there is a thin line between suffering from halitosis and experiencing bad breath in certain situation. For example, the so called morning bad breath is an absolutely normal experience that is not to be considered a serious problem. By brushing your teeth you will get rid of it without having to consult a specialist for any kind of special treatment.

However, if you notice that your bad breath persists throughout the day even after you have taken all the necessary steps to  make sure your teeth are clean and your mouth is fresh, you should take an appointment with your dentist right away. This kind of bad breath may be a real tip off of an underlying disease you will be able to cure only with a special course of treatment.