How to give yourself a dental oral check

07 Mar 2016

Even though regular dental visits at your dentist's studio are a must at least 2 times a year, a self dental check at home might help you to discover ongoing dental infections. A self check can be done in less than 60 seconds and you don’t need to be a dental professional to do it the right way.

Here are our tips to help you check your dental health from the comfort of your home:

While standing in front of a mirror, open your mouth wide and check if there are brown lines between your teeth and your gums. If you do spot brown lines, that means you have tartar build up. Tartar is one of the primary causes of periodontitis so you should get yourself a dental appointment to have the tartar removed with a simple professional cleaning procedure.

Now look at your tongue. If it is any colour but pink, that might be an indication that you have poor digestion and bad breath. Try using a tongue cleaning accessory and scrap your tongue every morning to eliminate the bacteria. Furthermore, if your tongue has ridges, this may be a sign of teeth grinding. Another symptom of teeth grinding is aching jaws. If you notice these symptoms you need to see your dentist.

If your gums look irritated and reddish that is a sign of gum inflammation. Gum inflammation can turn into gum disease which is not something you want to ignore. If your gums are red and bleed while you brush your teeth, this is something that you definitely need to treat as soon as possible. On the other hand, if your gums are pale, this could indicate you suffer from anemia. A simple blood test should tell you if that is the case.

This simple dental check may help you discover asymptomatic inflammations and prevent the development of a serious disease.