Healthy foods that could damage your teeth

30 Jun 2014

If you like to pay special attention to your teeth health, you will probably know the foods that can damage your pearlies the most. For example, most of us know that sucking on a hard candy, drinking soda or crunching on salty snacks can cause caries, erode enamel and weaken your teeth difenses. If you’ve been avoiding these foods you’re certainly doing a great favour to your teeth and saving quite a bit of money on dental treatments.

However, there are other types of foods you may be eating every day that are very detrimental for your teeth and can be as damaging as all the junk food you eliminated from your daily diet.

Fruits high in acids

Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are rich in vitamin C and this vitamin is essential to keep your gums healthy. However, eating a lot of oranges a day or drinking a lot of orange juice or lemonade could seriously harm your teeth enamel. The acid in citric fruit attacks enamel and causes its erosion; remember that teeth enamel can’t grow back so you should start thinking about the ways to protect it from external agents such as acids.

A good way to avoid erosion is by drinking water right after you've had an orange or drank a glass of lemonade. Also, avoid washing your teeth right after enjoying these fruits as you may rub the acid into your teeth rather than washing it off.

Pickled veggies

As delicious as these are, pickled veggies are very high in acids since vinegar is used to marinate crude veggies. Just like citric fruits, picked veggies can demineralise your teeth enamel and cause erosion. Furthermore, some of these pickled treats are high in sugars therefore can contribute to causing cavities. A good way to avoid the damaging effects of pickle foods is to eat a bit of cheese right after. Cheese is rich in calcium and helps neutralise the acids in your mouth.


As much as we love coffee, this wonderful beverage can leave ugly stains on your teeth. Worst than that, stains attract plaque which means that the more your teeth are stained and the more plaque you will have. The only advice we have is to use a straw when drinking coffee to avoid the contact between the delicious liquid and your teeth. Obviously, if you drink one cup of coffee a day there is no need to panic, but if you’re a coffee addict, straws should become your best friend.

Dried fruits

Dried fruit refill you with energy and is certainly a healthy snack; however, dried fruit is also rich in sugars and often cling to your teeth because of their sticky consistence. If you simply love dried fruit, who are we to tell you to give it up; to prevent caries though, drink a big glass of water right after you’ve finished with your snack and 20 minutes later, wash your teeth as well.

Almonds and nuts

As much as amends and nuts are rich in vitamins and good for your overall health, they are hard and when you chew on these fruits you risk chipping your teeth. if your teeth are already weakened or thin, you might went to opt for the sliced variety of nuts and almost to preserve your teeth from cracking.