Fluoride toothpastes

15 May 2013

Fluoride is a mineral among the most efficient ones in protecting your dental health. In fact, if we consider the percentage of toothpastes containing fluoride, almost 95% of these include this miracle worker. The reason for this is to be found in the numerous benefits of fluoride for your teeth: it helps prevent infections such as dental caries, it strenghtens teeth and hardens tooth's enamel. When using fluorine-based products, the mineral penetrates the tooth's surface making the enamel more resistant to attacks by bacteria and helps maintaing your dental defenses high and strong over time.

To proove this, it's enough to check out the data we have for the past 20 years, pointing towards a drastical fall of dental treatments isuch as fillings or rapicotomies, in conjunction with the increase of fluorine in various products used for dental cavity hygene. According to studies in the field of dentistry, those who regularly use fluoridated toothpaste, reduce the chance of  suffering from tooth decay for a whooping 30%.

In regards to the amount of fluoride contained in toothpaste, this should always be specified on the product label. In fact, consuming a high amount of fluoride could harm your organism and this is confirmed by the law as the European Union prohibits more than 1500 ppm of fluoride in any productcurrently to be found on the market.

To increase the effectiveness of fluoride for the teeth, the toothpaste also contains other beneficial substances including:
  •     Abrasive substances: to remove stains from the tooth surface
  •     Fluoride salts: to strengthen tooth enamel
  •     Substances against bacteria
  •     Sweeteners: thse give a nice taste to toothpastes and help prevent plaque

Finally, you should know that toothpastes for children should not contain more than 600 ppm of fluoride as the little ones up to 7 years of age are at a higher risk of fluorosis.

Fluorosis involves changes in the color of your teeth and enamel structure; over time the consumption of high concentrations of fluoride can result in serious complications for the body skeleton.