Dental tourism in Croatia

06 Apr 2014

Dental tourism has been on the mouth of many people for the last few years and it seems to be an ongoing trend not slowing down at all. With the economic crisis hovering over most European countries and the difficulty of many families to come to terms with all the life expenses, more and more patients renounce to their dental treatments. That often leads to catastrophic consequences for oral health compromising a person’s ability to chew, avoid severe toothache and eventually suffer from teeth loss. That is the reason more and more patients look for treatments abroad where affordable dental services are offered all year round. Now the question is, does affordable dental treatment equal low quality materials and a risky service? The answer is no. Lets be honest, there are good dentists and not so good dentists in any country in the world and the prices are not a reflection of how skilful a dental professional is.

We at Dental Olujic, a dental studio situated on the North shores of Croatia, offer the most innovative dental services and treatment at affordable prices. You might ask yourself what’s the scam but there is no scam. We believe that each and every one of you has the right to a beautiful, healthy smile and our patients should be able to afford all the needed cures. Also, to make sure our patients get the best of care, all of the materials used are certified and most of our treatment come with a warranty.

Dental Olujic has been caring for its patients since 2008, attracting both a local and international clientele. We strongly believe that each patient deserves an individual approach and should be listened to understand his or her needs. Furthermore, we are fully committed to keep track of all of our patients' dental health even after treatment as when you choose a dentist you should be able to trust him for life, not just for the time he treats you.

Having so many international patients, Dental Olujic offers all the support needed to organise a trip to Croatia, including accommodation and things to do around here. In fact, many patients decide to have their holidays while getting treated in order to enjoy all the beautiful things that this country has to offer: beaches, tradition, history and fun.

Whether you’d like to organise a family vacation or take just a couple of days trip to sort out your dental health, we’re at your disposal for anything you might need. Contact us now and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Your smile is worth our time and efforts, that’s our guarantee!